Marseilles Shawl CB6L and CB6R ? Confused with new pattern!

I just downloaded the pattern Marseilles Shawl from Ravelry and once I started reading the pattern I got confused. I have no idea what CB6L/R means. I’m assuming that it means to cable 6 left and cable 6 right. Thats not even the biggest issue I’m having! If anyone is familiar with the pattern and can help that would be awesome! I’m stuck and its only the first row :hair:

AND originally I have 46 stitches, but then when I do the math I need 53 stitches to complete the first row, so CB6L/R must not mean what I think they mean…? :cry:

I don’t have the pattern but perhaps you can give us the first row? How many sts are cast on, 46?
You’re reading of CB6R/L (3sts held on a cable needle, 3sts worked from the left needle) is the usual way of doing the cables. Check at the beginning of the pattern and at the end to see if the instructions define the cable sts.
Maybe this pattern?