Marsan Watchcap

Has anyone made theMarsan Watchcap? I’m wondering how it turns out. I’m attempting it right now, and I’m just curious, since there is no guage given.

This is the pattern I am using for my 18 (yup I said 18) EMT hats, I’ve completed 6. It’s a great pattern and looks very nice when done. I cast on a Lot MORE stitches than the pattern calls for. I am using a worsted weight and cast on 127 stitches. I really like the way the k in back ribbing looks. I am assuming that she must be using a bulky yarn with only casting on 87 stitches.

My pattern only says to cast on 72 stitches. This is my first foray into hat knitting. I hope it’s the right number of stitches.

I made the adult size (with regular worsted weight yarn) and it barely fit my toddler. She says she used worsted weight and it’s an adult size. But it sure wasn’t for me.
The pattern is nice though, if I made it again I’d use my own gauge.
On a side note, I made about 30 toddler hats this past winter and I used 80-88 stitches on a size 8 needle and they fit pretty well. I have no idea how she got an adult sized hat out of only 72 stitches on a size 7 needle.

I agree, great pattern and nice hat…but it’s TINY! Adjust the number of cast-on stitches for your gauge. I have no idea how she got hats to be person-sized.

(I’m so relieved other people had this problem! I thought it was just me…I even asked once and just basically got a “tsk tsk do your guage swatch” response :pout:. I’m glad I’m not crazy! :teehee:)

I wrote my response from memory so you are right it’s 72, at any rate it’s WAY too small so just increase according to your gage. But I do like the pattern it makes up into a nicely finished hat. I am using a size 8 needle with worsted weight and 127 stitches cast on , but maybe EMT’s have bigger heads than most:roflhard:, I have also made the band even wider for warmth.

I’m just finishing up 2 watch caps (different pattern) for 2 boys (age 6 & 8). The body of the cap was knit on a size 7 needle in wool-ease. The cap is pretty stretchy and I can get it on my adult head (short hair). I used 96 stitches for the had which is supposed to fit a 21" head. The gauge is 5 st=1" in stst.


I guess I should have posted this before I started. Shoot! I’m on a time limit, and it’s halfway done…