Marsan Watchcap Too Small? Hat Help!

Hi All, I chose the following pattern for my very first hat:

I have the right weight of yarn, the right needles, and the pattern says the gauge is not really necessary since its stretchy.

I include an image of the first 10 rows. The hat looks really small regardless of its stretchiness! Should I be worried, I have no idea how to know this makes an adult hat until its finished.

I’ve looked at other less stretchy hat patterns in similar yarn (less ribbing) and the number of CO stitches is always similar.

So the main question is, should I be concerned? Do all hats look really small when first being knitted? If it is too small, how do I adjust the pattern to make a larger hat? and how do I know how to make it the right size for an average adult head?

Thanks greatly!

I always think my hats are going to be tiny. Give it a bit of time. They really do stretch.

Keep going, you’ll be surprised how much they stretch! As soon as I have enough rows in, I always test it to see how the fit is. Carefully of course, or the yarn jumps off the needles. :teehee:

That’s already happened! Was trying to see how much it stretched and off went the stitches. I was succesfull in putting it back. Unfortunately, I slipped up on my next row, I think I turned the work inadvertantly, and now my working yarn is on the left stictches instead of my right stitches.

I only did 14 rows. Perhaps I’ll just start over.

Thanks to both of you for encouraging me to continue :slight_smile: I’ll try this again we’ll see how it goes! :slight_smile:

glad you posted this - it os the pattern i was going to attempt once i had sorted out my needle issues

I knitted that hat as one of my first projects and it is small. I like the pattern, but if I do it again, I’ll increase the needle size.

Another thing I learned – when the pattern says to close up the top when there are 24 stitches remaining, believe it. I went down to 16 because I thought that would be better, and had to frog back and fix it. Between the light brown latex colored yarn I used, the rolled brim, and the nipple on top it looked like I was wearing a condom on my head.

I need to find a small child to give mine to, now that I’ve got it looking like a hat again.

I had a feeling it was a little small. If I just want to add extra stitches instead of needles, the pattern says to do it in groups of eight. Based on the size you ended up with, is there an additional number of stitches you’d recommend? I was thinking just 8 or 16… but I don’t know. Its too bad its so hard to tell until it is almost done.

I’m trying to fit a specific head and wanted to do this pattern. I guess, better too small than too big. One day will find someone for it :slight_smile:

:shrug: I’m not sure off the top of my head how much to add. I’d seriously consider 16, but so much might depend on the yarn you’re using and how tightly/loosely you knit. I twisted all of my purl stitches (on accident, but it does make the hat reversible), and that may have made mine tighter as well. I knit really tightly. If you knit more loosely, 8 might be enough. It is stretchy, so I think it would be pretty forgiving even if you err a little on the big side.

I’d make it a few inches longer, too, in the area above the turn, because I like to be able to cover my ears if I need to, and the only way I can with it knit as is is to turn down the cuff.

I think I knit on the tight side as well. I think I’ve decided on 16 extra stitches.

Thanks for the warning about being able to cover your ears with the cuff. Definitely want that. You think about two inches will do it? The pattern picture looks like the ears can be covered as is, but I guess its compensation for the extra CO stitches.

Thanks for your help Markette!

i think im going to add 8 stitches - i guess this means that i then do the decrease at the crown every 20 rather than 18sts would that be right? also how many sts should i end up with after the decrease section? in the standard pattern it takes you down to 24 sts total (6 in each section) so should i decrease down to this as normal to keep the shape?

Well, I’m just a newbie but I think you are correct on both counts. Decrease the crown every 20 stitches, and I would still take it down to 24 stches before closing off the cap.

I think I’ll add more than just 8 stitches. 16 sounds good to me. I’ll see what it gives me. If anything, I’ll save it for a child or young adult if it comes to small. The target is a gift for my mom though, with some luck it might fit her.