Marsan Watchcap: Help with decreasing

Hi everyone,

I’m close to the decreases for the following hat pattern:

The decrease is explained as follows:

After every marker SSK, (slip, slip, knit. Put the needle in the 2 stitches as if to slip them off the left needle on to the right one, but knit them together instead, This give you a left leaning decrease, and preserves the twisting of the stitch on top.)

Now I have seen the ssk video on the website, and by all accounts, you usually slip the two stitches knitwise and then knit them.

However, is this pattern a special case? The whole hat is worked in 1x1 ribbing, but by knitting in back of the stitches to twist them.

The decrease explanation above does not say how to put the needles into the two stitches, but would I not want to put them in back of both stitches, so when I knit them, I twist the decreased stitches also? The description mentions about perserving the twisting during the decrease.

Or does a traditional ssk make a twist. I wouldn’t have expected it to.

Any advice greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Whenever I do ssk, I slip them as if to knit, then insert the left needle in front of the back needle and knit. Other people do ssk differently. Try it different ways and see which you like better.


I guess the overall meaning then is that there is no disastrous effect to choosing to do ssk differently. Just wanted to make sure I don’t negatively affect the look of my hat.

You’re right about how a ssk is normally done. From the directions, it sounds like either a k2tog or k2togtbl, depending on whether ‘as if to slip them onto RN’ means put RN in kwise or pwise.
k2tog is right-leaning, so I’d go with the k2tog tbl, which also sounds like it would preserve the twist, as mentioned.

In future, remember as a general rule, slipped stitches are always slipped purlwise - with 2 exceptions.
1-when the pattern specifies to do them knitwise
2-when the slipped stitch is going to be passed over another stitch/es and dropped off


im glad you asked stargazing im almost at this part myslef and was wondering exactly what it meant. I think im going to go for the k2togtbl - it seems like it will work best.

This is what I chose too and the decreases seem to be coming out exactly like the images in the pattern.

Go for it! :slight_smile: