Marnie's Gothic Lace Sweater

Has anyone done the Gothic Lace Sweater?

I’m looking for a way to achieve the same basic edges with knitting instead of crochet…I really don’t want to have to learn another craft at the moment!


I would suggest asking Marnie, I’m thinking that she got the look with a lot of crochet after reading her blog. Maybe she can give u some suggestions. I’m sorry I can’t bc I know NOTHING about crochet!! It is a BEAUTIFUL sweater, though :thumbsup: I wish u luck, someone will be able to help u out, I’m sure :wink:

I don’t think you’ll be able to get that edge with knitting. You could get something kinda similar… like with yarn overs and a picot edging, but it would not look nearly as refined and beautiful as it does crocheted.

It’s a gorgeous edge, and I personally think crochet is a lot easier than knitting. Maybe tackling this project would be a good learning experience? :thumbsup:

PS… I’ll shoot Marnie a PM to direct her to this thread.

You wouldn’t ever be able to make something exactly the same in knit, but looking through some of Nicky Epstein’s knitted edging books, you could probably come up with something with a similar flavor. the hardest part would be the mesh, you really can’t do anything quite like that very easily with knitting. The flowery bits you could mimic, but you’d really have to braid or knot that sort of mesh look if you don’t want to crochet.

Well, darn. I’ll just have to save it for after the Christmas knitting frenzy. It was for me, anyway!

Thanks, Marnie!