Marking question

Hi I have been searching for some help wiht marking on my beginning knit project and finally decided to get the expert advice :slight_smile:

So the book says “Placing markers on rows 16, 17, and 18 at seed end”

Here is what I am confused about:

There are two types of marking row markers and then markers that mark out a location in the knit like a stitch. The row marker is marked into the stitch (so i could use a safety pin to just go through the actual seed stitch and I dont keep moving it along) the Stitch marker is the one where I put a piece of yarn on th eneedle next to the stitch and keep passing it over with the knitting right?

The one I should use is the safety pin since the rows are being marked so I can pick up stitches from there later?

Thanks for any/all help.


Hmm…that sounds right, I think, but could you post a bit more of the pattern? What is it that you’re making?

I am making small baby t-strap booties. for the strap from the front of the bootie the T (the vertical) I had to mark rows so I could pick up a stitch from each row to create the vertical strap after I am done.

I am done with the rest of the bootie and I used regular safety pins to mark them. But after binding off from another area…and now having picked up the 3 stitches…how do I start with… coz I have a separte wool end and stitches on a needle attached to the bootie and not to the wool end. :frowning:

I hope I was clear :slight_smile:
and thank you so much for responding.