Market Bag


I am trying to knit a market bag pattern and I need help understanding one of the instructions. Cluster 2tog. Thank you.

Sounds like either a knit 2 together or a purl 2 together. See if there is an explanation of stitches at the beginning or end of the pattern. Which market bag is it?

Unfortunately there are no instructions at the bottom of the pattern. I was given the pattern with the yarn I purchased at the knitting store. I can go back to the store and get some help I was just sitting here on Sunday trying to figure it out. I appreciate your thought and you are probably right I just did not know what cluster was telling me to do. That instruction was not familiar to me. Thank you for trying to help me.

The actual directions say:
"2nd row: Sl1. *K2tog. Do not slip sts off needle. K2togtbl into the same sts. Slip 2 sts off needle Cluster 2tog made. Rep from * to last st."
if I’m looking at the right pattern.

It’s saying you should K2tog, but keep the stitches on the left needle, then knit them again tbl, but this time slide them off onto the right. This is a cluster2tog and every time after that it calls for a cluster2tog, this is what you do. It’s basically a k-fb, but with two stitches at a time.
Is this the same as what is written in your pattern?