I am using a marker in a knitting project for the first time. I haven’t had any instruction about how to use markers. I am using a “ring” to place at the required spot. When I get to this marker after knitting the rest of the row, turning the piece and knitting back to the marker, do I then take the marker, which is on the left needle, and place it on the right needle? And, if so, how does this mark the spot? Isn’t the marker MOVING up the piece of knitting every time you transfer it on to the right needle from the left? HELP!!! What concept am I missing?

Markers are used different ways

they can mark a stitch --usually you use a split ring or a marker that looks like a 'safety pin" and pin the marker to the stitch.

(markers can be used this way to mark a place where something (a seam, a stitch pick up, etc) will be done later

Markers can be used as reminders…
these markers go on the needles (and are slipped every row)

they help remind you to:
Increase, decrease, change pattern (from stocking knit to garter say!)

sometimes (frequently!) changes are only done on one side… (like decreases and increases) on the wrong (purl side) row, you must slip the marker…

markers are used in other ways… but these are the most common ways

wait till next right side row… and see if the marker is used only on right side rows!

if you place a marker between two stitches, even when you slip the marker, it is still between those two stitches so is still marking the place.