Markers on DPNs

Is it possible to use markers somehow with DPNs? It doesn’t seem like it would work since they would just slide off the needles, but I thought I’d ask. LOL. :cheering:

I always put the stitch marker that marks the beginning of a row in one stitch. In other words: when you come to the stitch that is the 1st st of the new round, I knit that stitch and then place the marker and then keep knitting. If I’m going to leave it for a while I always know that the marker is between stitch one and 2.

You can use them on each needle except right at the ends. When I use dpns to dec for hats, for instance, and want a decrease right before each marker around, I will situate a decrease to fall right at the end of a needle at that spot instead of bothering to place a marker there. I would have the other stitch markers in place, but not the ones right at the end of a neede and just know I always decrease by knitting the last 2 stitches on each needle together.

If you are doing things like cables or some other little pattern that you want to keep track of with markers you can move stitches around from one needle to another so that the stitches that need to be worked as a group can more easily be handled.

So, yes, you can use markers with dpns, but you sometimes need to make adjustments.

Thank you for your answer! That is awesome. :cheering:

You’re welcome I appreciate the thank you.

Yep, I agree…use them all the time!

I’m cheap and simple, I just put a safety pin right in the first stitch of the row lol :o)

LOL, no problem, Merigold!

Evan, that’s not cheap, it’s resourceful. :wink:

I’m cheap and simple, I just put a safety pin right in the first stitch of the row lol :o)


My favorite markers are a simple loop I make by tying a little piece of yarn into a circle. No cost at all since I always have scraps of yarn around.

I’mwith EvanP–either use wee safety pins in the stitch, or if want something fancier, i use the clasps from old broken necklaces, or orphan earrings. linknit41

hi, I’m new to knitting… I was wondering how exactly you use/put the markers in the knitting…do you tie them (if using scrap wool) around the sts or is it in between? Please… I’m not the brightest crayon in the box!!

Thankyou for your patients - amiee :slight_smile:

Most of the time you will be placing the stitch marker on the needle. You move the marker from one needle to the other as you knit. For some patterns you may have multiple stitch markers to mark certain parts of a pattern. I find that using colored stitch markers that match for each section helps me understand what I am doing better.

The post above me says just what I would say… I just wanted to tell you that the very first time I knitted something in the round - it was just a practice object out of horrible yellow yarn that I used to practice increases and decreases on - I actually somehow knitted the marker into the piece lol. It looks like a slice of mangled pineapple anyway, and I’m leaving the marker in there as a reminder of how far I’ve come :oD