Markers on DPN's

I don’t know if there’s a trick to this or not that I don’t know about, but how does everybody get markers to stay on their double-pointed needles? Every time I’ve tried to use a marker while using the DPN’s, my marker slides off when I go to change to the next needle. :frowning:

i generally don’t do much that needs a lot of markers on DPNs and end up just using the tail to mark my round. if i am using a marker to note the end of my round though i try to put it one stitch in from the end so there is something holding it on. if you are making for cables and such this probably wouldn’t work though …too confusing.

That’s what I do. My DPNs are generally for socks and I just use the tail.

Maybe you could use those no coil safety pins-I have the plastic ones-and clip it in the stitch itself rather than sliding a marker on the needle.

I put a safety pin in between my first and last stitch. I move it up every time I pick up the work, then use it to gauge how much progress I’ve made.

When I’ve moved the stitches from a hat to DPNs I adjust the stitches so that markers are in the middle of the work and just assume that they would be on either end w/o them being there. That way I can follow the pattern and not have to worry about them falling off at the ends.