Markers and yarnovers

Help! After three attempts at starting the “Damson shawl” by Ysolda, I have found that no matter how careful I am, somehow the markers are migrating where the yarnovers are in the pattern. How can I prevent this from happening? I get to about Row 25 or thereabouts before I notice it happening. Would using a hanging marker on the spine solve this problem? Thanks!

One thing is to use larger markers. If you have them before and after the center st, just use a marker IN the stitch instead. Use a safety pin, paperclip or removeable marker. If they’re at the beg and end of the row just inside the border edge sts, just take them out, you should be able to see where the edge sts are different and know that you have to do a YO after or before them. Sometimes markers just get in the way which is why I dob’t use them much.

I always had trouble with those markers traveling where they weren’t supposed to. What I do is to tie contrasting pieces of yarn on the needle and use them as markers instead. They stay in place.

That’s a good idea!

I went so far as to make yarn stitch markers. Ties pieces of yarn around a much larger size needle…tying the knots very tightly…then adding a plop of Fray Check onto each knot. After dry, snip the ends off right down to the knot.

Sometimes I prefer using yarn stitch markers. They don’t snag anything, they’re cheap, and they’re quiet. I really like using them for lace, and for very delicate yarns that tend to snag

I don’t much like plastic stitch markers, but I use them too sometimes. But they easily fall off, or flick across the room, and you never find them until you’re vacuuming.

I don’t care for the plastic or the yarn markers myself. I like the metal ones so the slip from one needle to the other easier. For things like YO I just leave the marker on the other needle and slip it back after the YO. If you have to make YO between markers you can just slip it off for a minute if you need to. Just remember to put it back on. I put it between my lips and it’s annoying so I don’t forget. :teehee:

I think the question has more to do with markers that slide under YOs which if you’re not experienced will start you off making future YOs in the wrong place.

Oh okay. I was reading replies and got sidetracked. :teehee: