Markers and wrap and turns

I am working on a sweater/coat and I am doing the collar and front edging. I am not sure when the pattern on the right side of the fabric tells you to place 4 markers assigning them a number and telling you to do a wrap and turn on the right side for example at marker 3. But on the wrong side tells you do a wrap and turn at marker 2.

Is it the marker that is number 2 on the right side, or when you turn your work is it marker 3 since it is the second marker on the wrong side?

Another question I have is that it only tells you to do a wrap and turn, not pick up a wrap. So after the first wrap when I turn my work do I pick up that wrap as I come to it even though I am making a new wrap on the same side. It is in 1x1 rib and a wrap and turn on both right and wrong side.

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Is it a shawl collar?

And can you please tell us the name and designer/publisher of the pattern?

No it is not a shawl collar. It is a coat “Amber Leafy Coat” by Quincy Zhang in the Vogue Knitting magazine early fall 2019.

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That really is a stunning coat. The owner of one of my local yarn shops was making it before the pandemic. It’s gorgeous.
The numbering on the markers stays the same. On the RS they are called 1,2,3 & 4. Working a WS row they are 4,3,2 & 1.

Because this collar is worked in ribbing the wraps probably aren’t noticeable. You can leave them or pick them up as you come to them. It’s whichever you prefer.

You seem to be past the body of the coat but just to be complete, here’s a link to the errata and the charts.

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Thank you so very much!

Appreciate it!!!