Markers and Slipping Markers

I have recently started a glove, and though it is not my first time on gloves, it is proving tricky. I am working now on the right hand thumb gusset. The instructions say that I should “k2, place marker, m1, k1, m1, place marker, k to end of round.” Does place marker mean to tie a piece of thread between stitches? Then the pattern continues to tell me to “k2, slip marker, m1, k to next marker, m1, slip marker, k to end of round.” What does “slip marker” mean?
This is very confusing to me, so if you can explain I would be grateful. Thank you!

You can use a thread, a short piece of yarn or a small ring for a marker. Used like this, it goes on the needle between stitches, and you move it (slip) from one to the other needle when you come to it on the following rows. They’re used to show you the places where you do the increases.

Yes, a marker can be a looped and tied piece of yarn (or a paper clip or a plastic or metal marker) that is placed on the needle. Place the marker wherever it says to in the pattern and when you come to the marker again, pass it from the left needle onto the right needle (i.e. slip marker). It will always stay around the needle and it will remind you of where the increases go in this pattern.

Placing markers is going to save you from tedious counting. You’ll know at a glance to knit across to the marker then do the increases.