I am knitting a scarf which increases and then decreases and am required to use a marker. am not sure what I am meant to use, a safety pin, a different color yarn of what.

You can use whatever you want - a safety pin is okay except that you have to be careful that it’s not snagging your work. There are also stitch markers that can be bought in shops, plain plastic rings all the way up to fancy beaded pieces of art! Personally, I just tie loops of a contrasting coloured yarn and use that as a marker. They don’t get in the way, don’t snag anything, and are free!

thanks for the speedy reply
do I need to move the marker up with each row that I knit?

What exactly does the pattern say?

the pattern says “PM”!!
the idea as I understand it, is that when I get to the marker I have to do the increasing.
THe question is, if 10 rows later I will still see where to start increasing?

When a marker is used to mark the spot where you need to increase or decrease, move the marker every row. If it’s used to mark a point you need to measure from, leave it there.


My favorite markers are the tiny rubberbands for my daughter’s hair. They are cheap and come in lots of bright colors. I hook some to a simple snap barrette and clip it to the edge of my work so the markers are always handy.

I think I might see some confusion here (if not, so sorry)… I had this confusion myself at first…

the stitch marker to indicate when you should increase/decrease/etc is on the needle, not really on a stitch…so when you get to the marker, you just switch it to your other needle… so ten rows later…it will still show you when to do your specialty action, because its on the needle! :slight_smile:

hope i helped

BTW… I love stitch markers…so I buy cutesy ones on etsy :slight_smile:

I use jump rings from the jewelery section. they are inexpensive and easy to work with.

i do the same thing :teehee: works great i used a little butterfly clip to mark the rs of my wip i kept forgetting …

thanks guys, when I got home and started knitting I realized that I had to move the marker along!!