Marker question

When I started knitting I bought a little pack of plastic ring stitch markers. Included were these little plastic split ring thingies. Are the little plastic split ring thingies for putting through stitches to keep track of rows :shrug: . I don’t use the plastic stitch markers any longer because I lose them :roll: . Now I tie a little piece of dishcloth cotton on my needle. Does anyone have recommendations for what to use to help keep track of rows? The cheaper the better :teehee: .

the split rings are for marking rows. you just open and attach to your knit. i have used tiny tiny barrets, you can use yarn bits (tie in, cut out), i have heard someone use those rings from plastic drink bottles in the same manner as split plastic rings…you could also knit on little rubber bands and cut them away later…

I believe many people use washers/o-rings/anything suitable from the hardware shop, or tiny hairties, as all these things are readily availbale in bags of hundreds or dozens for just a dollar or two. Try any two-dollar-shop for the tiny hairties.


[color=indigo]This is the least expensive row marker I’ve encounted…and it works, too![/color]

I like mine b/c I can use them as a stitch counter ( to designate how many stitches between each marker) and also as a row marker… for patterns and etc.

Is is me? I can’t figure out how to place a marker at the beginning of a round when using dpn’s. The marker would just lide right off of the dpn. I usually knit one stitch then place the marker. Is this incorrect?

Nope, not incorrect at all. I think that’s the way most of us DPN knitters do it.

Besides, if it works out the way YOU want, it’s NOT wrong!! :happydance:


I use an old desk calander the kind with small pages and just flip the pages at the end of each row. You can also use another set for keeping track of the rows for each pattern repeat. When you get to 30 just start over xxx

The calendar idea is original. So if I knit 1 & them PM, when I get to the marker I’ll be 1 stitch into my 2nd row, right. Sometimes I just have to say things out loud to get them.

That’s right!

One stitch into the second round. And of course, the beginning of the round will be the stitch before the marker!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: DPNs!


I just use a specifically ugly skein of old yarn (picked it up for a dime in a thrift store), and make little stitch counters out of it. I may lose a few, but I’m nowhere near even half a skein yet. :roflhard: