Marker move in cable pattern for hat

My pattern is in chart-form, with some written instructions.

At row six, I am told to work in pattern to last st of rnd, sl last st to right needle, remove marker, sl st back to left needle, replace marker - this marks new beginning of rnd 7. It seems to me that by doing this, I am not actually “working” the last stitch of rnd 6 on the chart.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

Thanks for any help.:??

It looks like you will work it as the 1st stitch of the next round and that it doesn’t sound like it gets “worked” in the current round. Without seeing the chart and pattern it’s hard to be sure, but as you’ve written it sure sounds like your assumption would be correct.

Wow - I never imagined I’d get a response so quickly. Thank you for your support.