Mark this stitch

Hello everyone! As a brand new knitter, starting my first felted purse…when the instructions say "knit, mark this stitch…do you mark it before you knit or after you knit?? Thanks!

Before. :slight_smile:

arg…is this my crazy, non math brain, anti spatial thinking ability again???

I would put the marker after the stitch…I would look at it as PM (place marker)…doing it in the order that it is given in the directions, otherwise I’d have to take the stitch off the needle, then place the marker, put it back on, if it was before…does that make sense???

and then know, that the stitch before the marker is when I’d have to pay attention…BUT…again, as long as it is done consistantly, no matter…before or after the marker, as long as YOU know you are supposed to do something, like I said…who cares. :slight_smile:

Do they want you to place a marker or mark that particular stitch? Sometimes you need ot mark a stitch so you can find it later to use as a reference for seaming or attaching something. I’ve seen individual marked stitches used in lace patterns, too.

If you need to mark the stitch, I usually just put a little piece of yarn through it.

I agree with Ingrid … PM - place marker would be putting the marker on the needle … Mark Stitch would be putting the marker IN that one stitch.

I’m beginning to understand directions I think. After reading the post I thought if it were me I would do it in order. Knit the stitch and then place one of those safety pin sort of markers IN the stitch. I was so happy to read the replies that agreed with me. Maybe there is hope for me yet.