mark left from thread holding raglan sleeve

I just finished a raglan sleeve sweater. There seems to be a mark left where I had the sleeves on a thread while I finished the sweater. Also, one of the stitches seem longer. Can I fix this, or do I need to unravel the sleeve and do them again? I have tried washing it and blocking with steam. Thank you.

Are they knitted on the sweater or stitched on? I’m sure if knitted on the stitch can be worked around to spread out the looseness, I imagine it could be worked around if stitched on. Although assuming acrylic the steam may have set its shape so it wants to go back, maybe even it out and re-steam.

They were to be put on a piece of yarn to hold until the rest of the sweater was knitted. They were knitted on. I will wash it again - maybe that will make the stitches more even and block it. Thank you for your reply. I am wondering if the yarn it was put on faded onto the sweater. It is a light yellow acrylic.

Oh, I don’t know about the dye bleed. I’m not much good with that stuff.

I would work the stretched stitch around before trying to block it since it hasn’t evened out on its own. I use a small crochet hook but needles work too.
I have a sweater that the short rows didn’t even out, I’ve been picking at them for a long time and they’re starting to listen finally.