Margot Mouse


So cute!! I love mice. Well, not real ones except at a distance, but mice dolls and figurines are among my very favorites. :slight_smile: Margot is all decked out for dancing. I love her pink tutu.

She is adorable. She could be yet another project for my 3 yr old gb girl and I could find another idea for my 3 yr old gb boy. :yay:

:heart: Simply precious!

Awww, she is adorable! :heart:

Ritaw, the ballerina mouse is too cute–think my 5-yr old granddaughter might like that–altho she likes trains alot too!! linknit41

That is so adorable. looks just like Angelina Ballerina!

Isn’t it funny how many of us dislike mice but then we knit them lol.
There are somewonderful mice patterns out there . Alan Dart has some on his website which are beautiful.
Thank you all for your kind comments . Sorry to have made some of your ‘to do’ lists a little longer lol:roflhard:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Oh, Gad!
What’s not to love! :teehee:
Such a little sweetie! I have to say I love the little knitted flowers at her waist!
Wonderful! :woohoo:

Hi I have a 6 week old little girl who I call my lil mouse and would love to be able to get her a margot mouse can anybody help me and knit her one pls

Many thanks


She is adorable!! Great job! Another pattern to add to my list. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, most people won’t do this due to the cost of yarn and the amount of time involved. It’s really just cost prohibitive. Plus it’s the holiday season so most of us have lots of projects already on the needles or ready to go.

Having a baby, especially a little girl!, is a perfect time to learn to knit! There are are much easier and still adorable little things you can make for your baby. If you’d like to learn you’re in the perfect place! Just start a new thread in the general forum and we can get you started. :thumbsup:

love it! very cute!! xoxo