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I am so determined to learn how to be an expert knitter. I have been knitting for a year but have only ever done rag dolls and little dolls bags. Here’s some here on my blog. Click Here

But I have decided that 2007 is the year I learn how to knit great things! So I want to learn how to knit scarfs, gloves, sweaters, socks & ponchos.

My first block has been learning to read patterns, but I will not give up. Atm they’re alien to me but I know I’ll get there in the end.

I am sure that here I am going to learn loads. :happydance:

Welcome!! And good luck to you with your resolutions for knitting in 2007!

Welcome! 2007 will be a great knitting year with those goals!

The best way to tackle patterns are one stitch at a time. Just dive in and try them. You have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips with the knitters here! I wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff I can if I hadn’t joined.

Thank you both, I am so pleased I found this forum and know it is the start of my knitting adventure.

I can’t wait to be as great as you guys, but know the learning part is also the fun part.

Welcome to the blogs!!! :waving:


Welcome Margo!! :cheering:

:waving: Welcome!

Awww thank you everyone! :muah:

Welcome, and Happy New Year!

Welcome Margo…

Man, if you can do those dolls and those beautiful paintings, you can certainly do this…

Amy’s cd that is only $20 has several detailed videos that you could knit along with and read along the pattern with to watch…

Sock, start, etc. That might be helpful.

Thanks Babydill & Deeknit. :muah:
Thanks for the suggestion about the videos too.

Well, today I went and bought myself some gorgeous balls of cute fluffy pink wool, to make myself a Scarf. The lady in the shop was really nice and helped me with some suggestions. I got to look at how my scarf will look like as they had samples in the shop of a ready made scarf, the wool I bought was made from.

I can’t wait to get started! :cheering:

I’m making slow progress on my scarf, but I’m getting there.
I am enjoying knitting but, am only doing it when I’m relaxed, as the minute I rush myself I’ll end up dropping stitches and ruining it.

Here’s a pic of my scarf so far on my knitting blog.
Click here to see it

Welcome, Margo! :hug:

You are hanging out in the BEST place if you want to improve your skillz. Take your time and ENJOY the process!

My mum came up at the weekend and I asked her to show me how to do some other styles of stitches. So she did, and I noticed how fast a knitter she was. It turns out I was holding my needles in the wrong way and now that I am doing it her way, I am knitting a whole lot faster. I hold them like a pen instead, as if I was using a knife and fork. I seemed to have doubled my knitting speed. Now I’ve nearly finished my scarf! Yay!

I finished my scarf yesterday! :cheering:
I’ve posted a picture of it on my blog in my signature.

Yeah, congratulations…It looks great.

Thank you. :muah:

Hi all, I’m back after receiving an email. I haven’t done any knitting for a long time now. But I haven’t given up on it either. I am getting the inspiration to knit again, and plan to do my mother and my mother in-law a soft scarf each. I’ll try to pop back more often. :wink:

welcome back! :hug: