Hi All,
Sorry my fingers hit the wrong button. I’m new to this website. I’m a beginner in knitting even though I took up a big project and I’m now stuck. Hoping someone could make me understand the abbreviation of knitting language. If there is someone out there then I can send full details as to where I am stuck.
Have a lovely day, Marg14:muah:


We really need more info before we can help. What are you making? What is the name of the pattern and if you have a link can you provide it? Thanks!

If you look at the top of the forum there is a glossary that might help and many of the answers have links to how to. If you don’t see what you want to know there then just ask here. :wink:

Many thanks for your guidance I am really confused where to click and post my pattern. I will look at glossary and see where I go from there. Marg

It’s been awhile since you’ve posted! Welcome back!

What kind of help are you needing now? If you are working on a pattern please tell us the pattern name and post a link from the internet if possible. Don’t post the entire pattern. You can also just post a few lines from the pattern that you’re having trouble with.