Mardi gra colored yarn

I’ve got this awesome multi-colored yarn from The Quarter Stitch in New Orleans called Jungle. It’s got a velvet-y feel to it. I have no idea the weight or anything of it but I know it’s lightweight and that I’ve got approximately 680 yds. of it.
I love the yarn and it’s definitely a fall colored yarn and calls for an awesomely warm piece of clothing or accessory.

I cannot decide on a pattern or even if I want to make a shawl, gloves, wrist warmers, etc. I just have no clue.



Here are pictures;
This swatch was made 10x10 with size 8 US 5.0 mm needles

What is the name of the yarn? If we know the type and weight we can better help with patterns.

It’s called Jungle.
It’s not a brand, they make their own yarn I guess since they are handwritten tags. I wasn’t given a weight or anything. Just how many yards I have.

All I can say is that it’s thin, velvet-y, and lightweight.

Id post a picture but I’m no where near a computer.

:think: Without know exactly what it is or the gauge it’ll be harder since most patterns that involve something that fits are dependent on the gauge, but I’d say you probably have enough for a shrug, mitts, scarf or one of those small shawls. If you use larger needles for a lacier look it will go further as well.

I just posted pictures.
Maybe that might help?

I once made an afghan with a velvety yarn.

I imagine a scarf might be nice…even if just ornamental. I really enjoy making a skinny scarf as ornamental wear. All garter st…Start with 3 stitches, inc one st. every ten rows until there are 20 sts on needle, then dec one st. every ten rows back to 3 stitches again. Very easy.

A shoulder / neck-warmer would be nice. Check in the manly heringbone scarf thread “next door” here. There is a nice neckwarmer in Jan’s posting.
That would do, I guess.

If you have enough leftovers: Make a hat and gloves.

If you just have a little left: Make them anyways, with a warm, white yarn of the same thickness: Just do the brims in your yarn to make the things look matched. That is how I use up left over pieces of yarn / half coils and so on.