March's Knit A Long first project has been announced!


Please see the project in the new KAL forum on this website.

I would love to have a whole bunch of knitters and crocheters to join this project. It’s very important to us all!

As usual, please PM me if you’d like to join.

The tentative start date is for Feb 28, but I know some of you can’t wait…hehehe, so you can start early if ya want!

This is also a great beginners project. It should be a sigh of relief from the socks!!!


Oh, this is so cool ! I never really thought of doing a knitalong until I saw this. I’ll have to start looking for some scarf patterns soon :slight_smile:

Wait Wait Wait!

I’d like to make this an official part of this site Denise!

Would it be okay with everybody if we did these knit-alongs in the context of the forum, rather than a blog? Denise’s blog is gorgeous, so I’m sorry to do this to you Denise! But I just think it would be great to make this an official part of this site.

I’ll create a forum category called Knit-Alongs, just for this purpose. Anyone can start a knit-along just by creating a new post on that forum, with the project description in the Subject, and then folks can reply to that post to share pictures, and chat about the project, etc.

I’ll create this forum today, if people like the idea…
Denise, is this okay with you? Thanks again for all you’ve done!


I like the idea amy! I’m just so excited to see an easy knitalong…LOL.

How timely. For about two days I’ve been itching to make a scarf and have been perusing patterns. I already found three patterns I MUST make, and doing it for this purpose sounds even better.
Count me in!

I’m a regular visitor to your great site Amy. I’d love to knit along.

Thanks for your email, Denise, I’m glad you’re excited about it! :slight_smile:

Okay, here it is: the new Knit-Along forum!

Nuno’s already discovered the forum and put up a project! Denise, I hope you’ll use the forum format, but I understand if you want to keep your beautiful blog up. :slight_smile:

Have fun everyone! Thanks again, Denise, for motivating me to do this!