March Winds

The wind is so strong that my chairs on the porch are all over the place.:shock: It is 45 degrees outside but feels like 45 below with the wind.

I hear ya! Up here in NJ its 43 degrees and we are having gusts upwords of 40-45 miles an hour! Can’t wait for the weather to catch up and realize it is spring right now!

We’ve got some strong wind here in the UK too. It’s not good as our gate was damaged in the last stormy week we had :doh: And it looks like our insurance won’t cover it either :sad:

Well it’s now blown down 3 times and is propped up with bins, bricks and pieces of wood :help:

Yeah,I’ll second the UK strong winds - 60 miles an hour in some areas? Good grief, I can’t wait for summer to arrive!

I’m in Rhode Island and the wind is so bad, it almost took the door off the hinges and when I stupidly went outside to shake some rugs the stuff in the rugs flew back on me!:whoosh:


I’m in Nebraska at the moment and it’s been pretty windy here too.