March/Spring Knitty

WHERE IS IT??? :!!!: x-( :tap: :nails:

Well… technicly it’s not spring yet… maybe they’re taking their sweet time? ^_^;;

ya i m waiting for it too ! :shrug:

That’s what I was thinking…I check it almost every day to see if it’s the spring issue yet!

I’ve been checking too… I need a new pattern fix!!!

I belong to the email list, so i get an email when the new knitty or the surprises are up. To maintain my sanity, I don’t check knitty until then. :teehee:

I’ve been wondering that to. :shrug: :??

Whatup wit dat? :tap: :nails:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Ohh I almost forgot about that! (guilty :oops: )
I hope it will come up soon! :woohoo:

I don’t know. I have been waiting for it, too!

I don’t think it has ever actually been live on the first day it’s supposed to. Maybe they like to build the suspense for us?

it says on the site they try to publish as close to the first of the month as possible… we dammit if I can get a monthly challenge up on the first of EVERY month, then they should be able to put their stuff together by the FOURTH of every THIRD month, don’t you think??? :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

(just kidding, Knitty people. I love you.)

I belong to that list, too, and I didn’t get any e-mails last time…maybe I should resubscribe