March 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?

Just finished a little matinee coat with the leftover shawl yarn :blush: you always forget how small they are!!


What an elegant little jacket! Beautifully knit. pf cpirse/

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If your daughter-in-law doesn’t like it, she is an ungrateful witch. It is beautiful!

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Thank you :blush: DiL is a darling and is usually very knitworthy

Wow! If she doesn’t like it she’s got no taste. :wink:Stunning work and I’m sure she should love it. The little jacket is precious too!

After all the beauty I’ve just seen this could be considered comic relief. I just sent these sox home on the feet of a very knitworthy young woman. She worked with my grandson who is on the Autism spectrum - he was diagnosed with Aspergers - to teach him to swim well enough to go on a class trip to Florida and swim with the dolphins. I should have had them done several years ago. It’s just a pair of plain vanilla socks, toe up knit to fit based on Lifestyle Socks and a gusseted flap style heel from one of Liat Gat’s patterns. Opal XL yarn (don’t know what color, I lost the label) on US 2.5 needles for a very tight stitch gauge.

Suzy's Sox


Thank you GG, lovely socks - she must have been delighted!! Doesn’t matter how long it took, at least you got them finished ( says someone who gave up at her first attempt of vanilla socks!!)

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Perfect socks, GG and very snazzy too. What a lovely gift for a good teacher. Hope the grandson enjoys every minute of the Florida trip!

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Thanks. He did have a wonderful time. That was a few years ago. He’s now working on his HS diploma and AA degree at the community college. He’ll graduate next year. Time flies.

@notknittingknots Why did you give up and do you want to give it another go?

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baby blanket


Welcome to KH!
What a stunning baby blanket. Just beautiful

Thanks! Pattern is from Leelee Knits.

Fairly easy as there are only 2 cable rows in the 8 rows of the pattern.

Recipient is having a girl but my daughter observed that she will be “awash in a sea of pink”.
So I opted for lilac. :slight_smile:

Such a lovely blanket. I really like the lavender too.

This was my first major project. I have only knitted hats basically so far. It took me over a month but I finally finished socks for my son. I did two at a time toe up socks on magic loop. I used Drops Fabel yarn in turquoise color. I did a provisional cast on using a crochet hook. I did the toe part using the same pattern as Patty-Joy White’s (aka SoxTherapist) Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I used the same pattern for the heel of course. The pattern is for sale on Ravelry for $1. I studied and studied the information and didn’t understand it until I actually sampled it on scrap yarn. It’s really quite simple once you get it! Anyway I really love this color and happy with how the socks came out. My son says it feels like a sweater for his feet! I would have made the leg length longer but I was tired of knitting it and wanted to be done!


Great socks! I understand the wanting it to be done. lol

Since I only like over the calf I have to fight that feeling of wanting to be done, just a little more, just a little more.

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Oh, well done! The socks worked out beautifully. All the preparation and study were worth it and your son’s description is perfect.

Right now I am working on a hat for one the custodians who open the gates at the school where my crossing is .It is just a plain white hat, and I will put a small pompom on top as the finishing touch.

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Daylily, you have so generously outfitted your entire school and maybe the entire county! What a thoughtful gift.

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You have to be one of the most generous, thoughtful people I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. I know you’ve helped me when I needed it here. Thanks for that!