March 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?

January and February have started the year with so many gorgeous projects. The variety has been amazing. Let’s see what March brings (along with warmer weather for those of us up north, please.)

girl smaller

Busy child with long needles, at least one more ball of yarn to work and a kitty to keep occupied. I wonder what the project is?


I started a cardigan today, it’s a pattern of Amy Herzog’s called Shorescape. Drop shoulders, in fingering weight yarn, with just one button on the front. Here is the link!

I am working on a baby blanket for on the tellers at the bank I use. I was asked by the head teller to knit it for her if she supplied the yarn. I am using the same pattern I have used in the afghans for my daughter-in-law and son’s retirement gift.

Aran baby jumper in pale blue. An a rug from scrap wool. Plus cotton face cloths which im gping to wrap around some gorgeous soap tablets for Christmas presents. Ive a load of cotton yarn which is lovely, but splits too easily to attempt a bigger project, l have discovered, so l pulled it all back twice, and now use it for face cloths.

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What a great idea: facecloths and nice soap!

Yes, it is so easy, simplicity itself. You just cast on about 45 or 50 stitches on a reasonably sized needle, and off you go. I use rice stitch, (I think), its like double moss stitch. And knit a square, keep your cast on and off nice and supple, and crochet around the edge to finish it off nicely. Mine are white, (well, grey at the moment, they need washing), and then wrap them around a lovely block of soap, a piece of brown parcel paper, and some rafia (make it look al artisan, which it is), and gift them to friends. I guess you could change the colour of your soap to suit the colour of your cotton face cloth. I will photo one when it’s all done.

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The nice things about knitting for yourself is, you can add a few inches to the arms. I have monkey arms and the clothes I buy are never long enough. Men’s clothing, on the other hand, is long and lanky, and they have to turn up their cuffs, but us women have to suffer with 3/4 length. So I always add a couple or three inches to the sleeves to make them fit better. Thanks for the link.

I love this picture, she is so chubby and round, and cuddly. Children nowadays are mainly so thin.

I finished a pair of cotton socks. I need more. They feel so good! I’ve started a cardigan for spring. It’s Bedrock recycled yarn known as remix. It’s going to be gorgeous!

Im working on a knit scarf, a knit shawl and a crochet scarf now, getting ready for fall craft fairs


Very nicely done!

I’m making socks for ME (for a change) :upside_down_face:


Those are going to be nice and comfy. What yarn are you using?

The Odds and ends of sock/fingering weights. I’m partial to malabrigo and Madeline Tosh, so that’s probably what I’m working with. Single plies for the cuffs, plied for the feet. Striped :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still the same things I’ve been working on, except I haven’t been working on much. At the last infusion I ended up having to tink a round on my socks because I had the fingering wrong for ribbing because I hadn’t been working on anything.

I’ve been doing leather work.


Finished the baby shawl this morning,really pleased with how it’s turned out. Hoping daughter in law will like it :grinning:


This goes way beyond knitting into fabulous artwork. So gorgeous, notknittingknots. What pattern and yarn did you use?

Thank you Salmonmac. This is the pattern and I used an acrylic/viscose yarn available over here called Marriner Baban Lustre DK (easy wash & care for a busy new Mum :wink: ) I hope she’ll like it because you never can know with today’s youngsters!! It seems to be all simple, plain and grey that’s fashionable these days!!

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WOW that is beautiful.

Thank you :blush: