March 2017 What'cha Knitting?

Oh gosh, time is flying by, March, already!
Let us see the projects you’re working on

Oh good! I forgot till I saw this!

This is a little jacket that I just finished. It’s for the granddaughter of close friends.

It’s a Ravelry pattern called Strawberry Hill.

The yarn is WEBS Valley yarn Superwash.


What a beautiful beautiful job! I am afraid to make anything that requires sewing the seams.
Yours looks like something you would buy in the store.
So impressed!

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That is adorable!! Looks like smocking!

I finnished these recently I’m now doing a pullover for my son


Oh Laura, these are beautiful! Really nice work!

Wish I could knit that well. It’s perfect. How did you learn to knit. I’ve taught myself but mine are no where near as good

Thanks, @Jan_in_CA, It’s a twisted stitch to mimic smocking.

Thanks, @Emmajane . A friend’s mom taught me when I was a kid and after that it was lots and lots of practice. I’m still learning.

@Laura_Webb What a lovely set! The yarn works beautifully with the patterns and the work is gorgeous. There will be one well-dressed baby, for sure.

I hope maybe one day I can knitt that good

Almost finished! Need to find a place to block and then execute the cut-and-join.


Looks great! What do you mean cut and join? Something is going to be steeked? It looks done to me.

I’m curious about the cut and join too.
The scarf looks fantastic!

Yes. This was intended to be the second version of the scarf (what we call the season 12.5 scarf). For reasons unknown, the first large grey block was removed midway through season 12. I only knitted 4 rows of it so I don’t waste too much yarn. A notable thing about that join is that the bottom section of the scarf was turned to the back side. Before season 13, a large portion of the other end was removed. It got further cuts on both ends just before season 14. Despite all this, the scarf barely lost any of its original length.

My finished Pussy Hat that I was working on in February. I had shown a picture of it in progress under the What’cha Knitting thread for last month, and the permanent What’cha Knitting board on here.


That is a beautiful scarf. :slight_smile:

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The hat is wonderful! Have fun wearing it.

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Love the colour! Great job!

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Thank you, salmonmac and Bluejaygirl5! :slight_smile:

Lovely hat I like the yarn!