Mara shawl

I have problems again with the Mara shaw. The middle holes seem to be off center so I think the marker has slipped to the wrong position. Any suggestions for keeping the marker in the right place would be appreciated. I think my marker gets on the wrong side of the slipped stitches. Should there always be the same number of stitches on each side of the marker? Thanks!

When you’re on the right side of the main part of the shawl, there’s one less st before the marker than after the marker.

You yo before the marker, slip the marker and then k1, yo. I think the best thing to do is check the sts after you complete the second yo to make sure they look right.

Thanks! When I’m on the wrong side, I see the slipped stitch draping over the marker and I’m not always sure which way to push it. I’m just not experienced enough to know how its supposed to look.

Yes, that happens with yo’s. Turn the work back to the right side and check that the marker is still in the correct position. After several rows, you should be able to see the pattern of holes and use that to tell you when to begin the yo etc. Good luck with the shawl!

I have problems with purchased markers or those bead ones. They always seem to slip under the stitches and my marked spot is off. Plus, I’m always losing those darn things. My cats seem to think they’re the greatest toys ever. They have mad hockey games with my markers all over the floor. What works for me is to snip a piece of contrasting yarn and tie it around the needle. I cut the ends close to the knot and slip this loop as I go along. They always stay in the proper place. I have a ready supply available from my scrap yarn. If I lose one, it’s no big deal. Just snip and tie another.

Thanks for both suggestions. I have picked up the project in the past hour and I think I’m making it work. I think my next challenge will be how to rip back when I catch a mistake. I don’t know what the yarn overs look like so I don’t think I can pick them up correctly. I have started over more times than I can count. Way more than 15 which is where I stopped counting. At least the start is only 5 stitches. I am determined to make this shawl. Good for my aging brain to take on this challenge. And I really want the shawl! Thanks!

A couple of things you can do. Make a practive swatch with a yo and then rip out a row or twov while watching what the yo looks like.
Consider putting in a lifeline (look under Free Videos at the top of this page, Tips, Fixing Mistakes, Lifeline).
Proofread your knitting after every right side row.
You’ll do this shawl for sure.

Good suggestions. Thanks. This online help is fantastic.

I just watched the video for lifeline - what a great idea! I will use it periodically in my work to keep from having to start at the beginning over and over (very discouraging). Thanks!