Map of a Sock

I finally have an exact idea of what a gusset is now.

Great diagram, Beldaraan! Did you make it?! Cool!

A minor clarification… Technically, the “gusset” itself is actually just the little triangular wedge shape that sits next to the heel flap on each side, and tapers the heel flap down to nothing. It’s in the section you’ve correctly highlighted, but doesn’t constitute that whole section. But you do typically knit that whole section, in the process of working the gusset, so your diagram makes perfect sense, practically-speaking! :slight_smile:

Very helpful diagram! I love it! :smiley:

Hi Amy~

I haven’t made socks…yet. I’ve only made the “vw” hat in the patterns section and that’s it so far (still haven’t posted my pictures, but I will do it soon hopefully). I’ve already had to take a break from knitting because of hubby’s busy schedule and pain in my wrists from making that hat. Since I’m in a book club, I think I will alternate my leisure activities between reading and knitting so that I can do a little bit of each one throughout a given week. Going hardcore and burning through a book or a knitting project in a couple of days just doesn’t work out well.

I found that picture from the following website:

My mom was getting discouraged at making socks, especially at turning the heel and doing the gusset, so I decided to start a wager on bragging rights with her about who could make a sock first. She’s had a 3 month head start on me in knitting. Anyway, I found that website among a few others to get an edge on her for when I do start my sexy socks.

I don’t see a triangle in the gusset on the diagram. I see a line in the middle that looks like a seam. Hopefully I will be able to knit a sock properly when the time comes. Thank you for the clarification. I’ll use this as a “heads up” if I get stuck in that area or confused.

It is definitely difficult to see the gusset in that particular sock. This site has a close-up on a gusset, and the stitches below the gusset are purled, so it’s really easy to make out the triangle. Here’s another sock where the gusset is more visible. (You can see the top two edges of the triangle easily.)

I’m just being nit-picky about the terminology. Practically speaking, that diagram is all you need to think about, because it shows the whole section that is knit while working the gusset. What defines the gusset is a decrease that is worked on both sides of the sock, in this section, which creates that diagonal line sloping down from the top corner of the heel flap. The gusset stitches are decreased, to eat up extra stitches created when you pick up stitches along the sides of the heel flap. Without the gusset decreases, you would have a huge foot of the sock! LOL. :slight_smile: