Many troubles with gloves

What I’ve been using:

Needles: Size 5 bamboo
Yarn: Patons Worsted Wool or Fishermans Wool (no picture for this one)
Pattern: Cottage Creations - “Hand Gear for the Family”


I’ve been trying to learn how to do fingerless mits and gloves. My mits end up being shapeless. This seems to be better when I use more expensive Berroco Vintage with the wool/nylon blend but things go sour with traditional wool. As for my gloves I’ve ended up with a finger that looks like a cactus. I ended up purling to get it to look even remotely correct. I’ve had to do this with thumbs in the past as well, as doing the knit stitch caused the stitches to look bumpy and unattractive. Generally, I could use some tips or links to good tutorials. I would like to end up with nice, attractive pieces that eat up my growing yarn stash.

Thank you for any help or advice that can be given!

P.S. An image of my glove does not want to upload. I’m trying to fix it.

Welcome to KH!

I can’t find the pattern. Is the name “hand gear for the family” the pattern name or book name? I think a link would help.

ETA: I found the pattern, but can’t see any info.

From just looking at your picture it looks like it’s too large. Are you using the suggested yarn and needle size? If so then maybe you knit loosely and need to go down a needle size?

It’s a very basic book of patterns. I did go down from the recommended 6/7 combo to 5 in hopes of getting that tighter fit. In my other pair of fingerless mitts I made I went further with 3/5 size needles. I also used the worsted weight yarn the pattern called for. It maybe though that I need to review gauge 101. Thank you!

P.S. Let me see if I can post a photo of the pattern.

Because of copyright infringement don’t post the whole pattern. Just the part you have a question about.

Did you measure your gauge? If you keep reducing needle size and not yarn weight the fabric could become stiff and not comfortable. If your gauge is still too big you may need to use DK weight to start and see if that works.

Fisherman’s wool, for a glove?? I think the yarn is too large a gauge. I would use sock yarn or baby yarn for gloves. Yarn’s way too thick for gloves that might be the problem, anyway it looks like it to me! Hope she got it sorted…