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I have not posted here for Quiet a while but take a look at my blog and you can see what i have been doing for few weeks:knitting: :knitting:

Right now I’m in love whit the Liam sweater i think it will turn out so cute:)

Good job. :yay: I like the sheep on the sweater and the yellow dress sounds cute.:cheering:

Sooo pretty! Is the pattern for the fire-hat anywhere to be found? I have a 9 year old who would luuuv it!

Nice knitting :thumbsup: And Alexander is so cute with the cake all over his face :teehee:

If you are on Ravelry if not here is the blog whit the pattern,just a warning if i would do it again i would go down a needles size or so,It is a little big not to to much.

What a lot of great knitting!

Love the hot head hat. I just looked it up and will have to make one for my DS and DD.


I love the flames hat. :woohoo: I’m putting it in queue for my nephew. Thanks for the link.:yay:

Great work! I LOVE the flame cap! :muah:

You have been busy. Everything looks great.

:happydance: Everything looks wonderful!