Man's large cap

I am helping a young friend make a plain, warm pull-on cap for her boyfriend. It must be plain stockinette stitch w/a small ribbed edge…
BUT it must be full enough for his long dreadlocks…I have found many patterns, but I am not sure of how to enlarge them to allow for this…I can figure out how to increase the stitches, but I am not sure about the making of the crown (i.e. decreasing properly so as not to end up with a misshapen hat)…any patterns/suggestions? Thanks, [size=6][/size][size=3][/size]


I don’t know of a pattern exactly to fit your need, but you can use this formula to start, increase to how large you think it needs to be, and then use their formula for even decreases.

This is the hat I’ve made for every man in my life. They all LOVE it, because it’s thick and warm.

You could always add more stitches at the beginning to make it bigger. I’m sure it would work just fine.

Thank you for your help and the pattern…my friend does not want a turn back brim…they are into simplicity!..but I am saving the pattern for my own use…Marsha

What a helpful formula to have! It makes us understand why we had to study math in school! Thanks for your help, Marsha