Man's cabled sock

I found a neat cable sock pattern

However, I want to make them for DS, and the pattern says it will fit men or women…but also says its a bit snug on men’s ankles. Pattern calls for casting on and doing the first 1.5" in rib [I]in a smaller size needle.
[/I]I’m thinking of using the same needle as I will for the rest of the sock, and that will help it not be so snug. What do you guys think?

I don’t want them falling down either, but I don’t usually knit the ribbing in a smaller needle anyway.

The rib looks pretty snug to me. If you’re sure that your DS’ ankles are wide enough to hold the cuff knitted on the same size needles, then why not? I had a similar problem with the Monkey socks - i followed the instructions and my ankles are to wide for the cuff.