Man's Belt Pattern?

I’d like to knit myself a belt, using worsted weight yarn. Anyone know of a decent pattern for worsted?

One of these?

Or perhaps one of these:

Thanks Ingrid. I already looked at those and none of them were what I’m looking for.

Rorshach, that’s more, well almost exactly, what I’m looking for but it’s in a much smaller yarn. It calls for a size 0 needle so I’m sure it’s not worsted weight.

You could really just do a long, very thin seed-stitch ‘scarf’ in a tight gauge. It wouldn’t curl and it wouldn’t stretch much if it’s knit tightly.

Thanks Ingrid. I was considering something like that but kinda hoped to find a more interesting looking pattern.

So pick a stitch you like (maybe a cable?) from your friendly neighborhood stitch dictionary and knit a long strip of it at a tight gauge, as Ingrid says (maybe #4s?). Sew one end over a buckle and boom, it’s a belt.

One stitch to consider is linen stitch, which makes a firm fabric.

Or maybe a mosaic stitch, which gives you a nice thick fabric as well, and lets you play with color.

Or stripes, if you want to go preppy.

Or anything you want.

Hey, it’s a belt! As the Mason-Dixon ladies would say, you don’t need no s******’ pattern.

That’s great! I’ve been dying to make DH SOMETHING…this will be my first!

Thanks everyone. I’ve decided on what I want it to looks like. I guess a pattern is overkill for a belt anyway. :lol: