Manos issues!

hi! have any of you used manos del uruguay cotton stria? did the bumpyness mess up your gauge?

i made a baby hat and it looks pretty bad. there are gaps and extra bumps all over. cripes! this stuff is spendy and i want my hat to look cute!

I started making a hat out of Manos, and I hated the way it looked too. It was just funny looking. The stitches looked uneven and it looked like bad knitting. I made an afghan out of it though and it turned out really well. I think the delicate-ness of a baby hat may not suit Manos, but maybe you could make a small baby blanket or little sweater instead?

I knit my toddler a dress out of cotton stria and loved it. I did not have a gauge problem. On a tiny item like a baby hat I could see that the uneveness of the yarn could be a bit much. Knitgal’s suggestion about making a larger item might be the way to go.

I made baby booties in seed stitch and I thought it looked really cute - back when I had just started and lots of things looked [I]really[/I] awful.
It might look better in a stitch that’s already bumpy? Or maybe also at a tighter gauge…

Hope it sorts itself out for you.