Manos del Uruguay

It is listed on their website as Heavy worsted…is that the same as bulky?

No, it’s not bulky, it would be closer to aran weight or a little more. I usually see what the gauge is to get an idea about what it is equal to.

hrmm…may hafta do some rethinking of my patterns then…or find someone with a bigger head… :rofling:

Check on the gauge, because after I wrote this I looked at the yarn. Gorgeous stuff, by the way, and it said the gauge was 3 to 3.75 st per inch. That’s closer to bulky than heavy worsted, in my experience.

:rollseyes: have we ever discussed my gauge issues? :angelgrin:

[size=2][color=darkred]sigh[/color][/size] okay i will learn… :shifty:

According to the Yarndex, it is 16 sts to 4 inches, which is Heavy Worsted/Aran weight. Bulky is about 12 sts per 4 inches. :thumbsup:

I think what makes the beautiful :heart: Manos yarns so difficult to gauge is that the thickness of the yarn varies so much within the hank. Parts of it definitely fall into the bulky category, but I would agree with everyone else that it’s probably most often a heavy worsted.

well i was going to say heck with it and just cast on a hat until i looked at it again in lighting that wasn’t as dim as my living room this morning (i had to pick something out of my basket to do since i can’t carry around the purse project anymore!!) It has been forever since i wound up that yarn so i forgot how thick/thin it is. i don’t think i can do a hat in that unless i felt it and it was gonna be a guys hat…i don’t think my farmer guys would appreciate a felted hat too much :wink:

oooooooooh but the yarn i bought today at the store. i will have to take a picture of it when i get home from work tonight! :shock:

I’ve worked a lot with manos… it felts BEAUTIFULLY. Just remeber that each skein is hand dyed, so if you’re going to use more than one in a project, you should alternate the skeins so it blends better. You WILL be able to tell where one skein stops and the new one begins if you only knit with one at a time, whether felting or not (yep, did that on 2 different bags). I usually knit 2 rows with one skein then switch , knit 2 rows, switch back etc. I wouldn’t go more than 3 rows, then you’ll have a bunch of ends to weave in… if you do 2 or 3 rows you can carry the yarn up the side.