Manos del Uruguay finally! now what to make?

Hi! I finally have been able to get my knitting fingers on some Manos del Uruguay on sale… 6 skeins, 5 of a dusty rose & 1 gray. Thought I’d mix the gray in as a decorative thingy. 138 x 6, 828 yards.

I want to make a cardigan but I guess it’d have to be short sleeved or maybe elbow length. wondering if anyone here has made a great cardigan (or anything else really) with Manos?

Here is a sweater with a gauge of 16st=4". It is in a Noro book. Click hereto view the little cardigan at Ravelry. The yardage needed ranges anywhere from 696yds to 1044 yds, with sizes ranging from 30/32 up to 40/42. You didn’t mention what size you’d be shooting for.

Unless you’re petite (aka, [I]slim[/I]) 838 yds is rather limiting for a cardigan.

Browse Ravelry patterns and type in “cropped”, meaning waist length. For either pullovers or cardis. That’s how I found the little Noro cardigan.

That’s cute! I’ve just been searching on Ravelry myself, then I get really tired seeing so many patterns. Yeah, I just realized I am a bit short on yardage! Thanks!

Just found this which is really sweet.

whoops, you have to click on No 9

It’s funny, since I love this yarn so much I want something really special… like with some unusual touches here and there… curly cables on the cuffs or purl bumps here and there. I need to go to design school! I have a Teva Durham book somewhere… I think that’s the right designer. Now if I can just find it.

Not sure if the guage is right, but this has been on my ‘to do’ list a long time.