Manos cloud bolero

My old new long bolero in Manos, knit on size 9s.
(I blocked it, and it still fits! :woohoo:Kind of.)


Ooh, that’s gorgeous :wink:

That’s beautiful, Rebecca!

Very pretty, it looks great on you! :cheering:

That’s really cute! Where’s the pattern for that?

gorgeous job. i think that is ysolda’s pattern.

cuuuuuuuuuute!!! i love the broach you chose also!

Very Pretty!! the bottom picture looks like it could be in a magazine… great job :happydance:


Just lovely!

I need that pattern NOW!!!
Where can we get the pattern fron Rebecca??


Gorgeous! That is an awesome colorway.

nice job - so pretty

I think this is my favorite thing so far that was for me.

here’s the pattern. her patterns are so well-behaved.