Manly Scarf?

Hello everone,
I am just wondering about how to make a scarf look manly. I really like cables, so I want to make a scarf with cables, but what color should I use to make one that doesn’t look to feminine.
the scarf I have in mind would be done in DK weight yarn with large cable panel in the middle (perhaps a saxon braid or some other aran cable design). I also envision fringe on the ends… will that look okay for a man?
but most importantly, what color should I use?
usually people say if it’s for a man go with dark and neutral, but I don’t think that would show off the cables well.
what colors would anyone here suggest?

I think that any color would work well, depending on what looks best for the intended recipient. Of course, as you said, the darker colors would not show the cables very well.

I’ve noticed that most men’s scarves are made with black, grey, blue, or brown. I guess, because these are the more popular shades of outerwear, so the scarf would go well with the ensemble.

But, I think that a bright scarf looks very nice around a man’s face. Red is great, but not if the person has a ruddy complexion. Teal or Maroon are nice also.

But, I’m one that [U]loves[/U] natural shades…with no dye at all. So, if you used a fisherman’s wool or an undyed alpaca or wool, it would look very nice…and manly. :wink:

Good luck with your decision!

I suggest a light neutral, like a tan. It’ll show off the cables, and more than likely go with any winter coat you have. :slight_smile:

Neither many nor Feminine cabled scarf pattern
PM me I will let you know the basics of it

Or try this one
Reversable cabled scarf


Thank you,
I have decided to go with a tweedy gray OR just plain undyed yarn. I will have to see what my options are when I get to my LYS.

may be good pattern

Sounds like you’ve made your decision, but I do think heathered grays are soooo sexy on a guy. My hubby had me make him a gray scarf and then an orange & maroon scarf (VT colors) and it looks good to me…

Know what yarn I am infatuated with right now? Lion Fishermen’s Wool in the darker color. I have some in my stash for me but I think it’s perfect for a dude.

I am making the reversable cables scarf right now. while I am making it in a feminine teally color, I have been thinking this scarf would be great for a man in my life. I think it would be great in a light grey also. It does not have fringe and I don’t think I woudl like fringe for a man.

How about a natural aran yarn.

How about Henry?

Here are a couple:

Seaman’s scarf

manly scarf

basketweave scarf

Askew Scarf

If you’re on Ravelry, search patterns for “manly scarf” and quite a few come up.