Manly Scarf pattern?

I am knitting all my Christmas gifts this year. I knew I wanted to make my boyfriend a scarf, so today I dragged him to JoAnne’s to pick yarn. I found a yarn that perfectly matches the color of his eyes (Caron’s Simply Soft in Country Blue…

Now I am looking for an easy but nice looking and masculine scarf pattern. I don’t think one skein is enough for a cabled scarf pattern (a la IHS and Palindrome)

I was thinking maybe just a k2p2 rib, but I tink it might seem too plain…

Any suggestions?

What about a scarf Askew?

Hmm. I like it!

That’s a beauty, so cleaver of you to recomend it,i have to book mark it.

I really like it. I have it book marked waiting until we move to a state where my hubby might need a scarf.

I really like that scarf - thanks for posting the link. I have begun to knit holiday gifts and that one is perfect for some of the guys on my list.

Simply Soft has a lot of yardage in it. I get a Clapotis out of one skein using size 10 needles. While it’s not full size, it’s a generous oversize scarf. There’s something like 300 yds in a skein, and with size 9s, I think you could make palindrome with it.

That Scarf Askew looks like a good choice. I would wear that. I also really like the Irish Hiking Scarf, but I’m sure it would need more than 1 skein.

For a guy’s scarf, if you really want him to wear it, the simpler the better. Guys aren’t much for fancy, multiple colored or “busy” looking things.

I also like that pattern and have it saved for a future knit.

One I just finished three weeks ago is the KnitPicks Seaman’s scarf’s+Scarf_PD50545220.html

I knitted it up in gray and it came out nice. The cables are a bit fussy the way the pattern is written, but I just used a cable needle to move the stitches around and it quickly became quite easy.

I am working on one now that is a simple basketweave (4x4 blocks). I like it because it’s easy, it lies flat, and it gives the scarf a little bit of texture.

Sucuba’s Seaman’s scarf is a really nice pattern! You migh think of using a different yarn…the Simply Soft will come out with a shine to it…I use Simply Soft for children’s things.
I know he will love the scarf!

Oooh, I love that!

[B]I really like the " Scarf Askew! " I want to knit a scarf in ORANGE for my husband and my brother in law. They HUNT togather so they need the Hunter’s Orange! ( For hunting Only! )

Then I’m also knitting A Dark Chocolate Brown one for my husband to go with hs good coat.[/B]

Okay, I was looking at the pattern for Scarf Askew and I’m confused. I need some wiser knitting eyes to take a look at it.

I thought normally chart patterns were read from right to left on the first row, left to right on the second row, etc. Back and forth.

But the printed instructions for this scarf are reading ALL of the rows on the chart from right to left. So rows 1 and 2 are BOTH read starting on the right.

I’m somewhat new to knitting and even newer to reading charts. Which should I follow, the written out instructions or the chart?

a.k.a. Scubasinger (who’s happy there is always new stuff to learn but wishes there weren’t so much of it 'cause he feels like a dummy lots of the time!)

I would certainly follow the written out instructions. Given a choice, I always prefer written instructions to charts.

The Chart does seem correct for left to right then right to left, but it Is quite confusing to read compared to some.


I like the Seed Stitch for a scarf. Would he think that is too busy?[/B]