Manly scarf pattern?

I am looking for a pattern to knit my DH a scarf out of black yarn. I just can’t seem to find anything with a little zip to it, but still for a guy… any help would be appreciated. :smiley:

How about the Irish Hiking Scarf in the free patterns here?

Ingrid, that might be a good one. I have never done cables before and it might be a good opportunity to jump that next hurdle. :smiley:

Cables are about a billion kazillion times easier than they look! :smiley:

cables are super super easy!! I too was a little worried about them, but you will be amazed at how simple they are!!

I am knitting that scarf right now, and I have only completed a total of 4 items - all wash/dish cloths!! I have about 18 inches completed so far and it’s pretty fun working on something different.

Check out Amy’s video on cables - The first cable demo is all you need for that scarf.

I forgot to add, being the frugal person I am (ok, more trying to keep hubby appeased with me spending too much on knitting! LOL), I just used on of my size 6 double-pointed needles instead of using any special cable needle. It will work fine. I could see a cable needle/shorter needle being a little better, but a normal double-pointed needle will work with no problem! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I was wondering if I would need the special cable needle for them. Good to know I can improvise. :wink:

Thank ya’ll, I had not seen that scarf…love it :inlove: !! Perhaps my honey will be getting one, too!!

There’s also a pattern for a nice “manly” (actually unisex scarf) in the September issue of Creative Knitting…uses a diagonal rib stitch…it looks very manly and there’s even an attractive man modeling it :roflhard:


I have never, in my life, owned a cable needle. I use a dpn of whatever size I grab.

In a pinch, I’ve used pen tops, pencils, the end of a crochet hook, whatever was handy.