Manly mittens?

Well, even though I don’t have money or time, I really want to make something for my guy friends. Now, the one will be easy, I’ll do something quick cheap and fun for him and he’ll love it. Two of them I’ll probably end up doing something non-knitted for. I asked the last one today what he wanted, and his g/f suggested that he hadn’t gotten anything knitted from me yet (he’s new since I knitted all the guys hats last year).
He wants mittens! Which I would love to knit (though I haven’t done any in forever!), but I don’t know what kind of mittens to make for a guy! fortunately, however, he has the same size hands as me, so that will make it easy to be sure they’ll fit. The last guy I did gloves for had bigger hands than I thought and the gloves didn’t fit very well.
So, who knows a fairly quick-knitted mitten pattern that guys like? Guy knitters, what mittens would you wear? Who has bf’s, dh’s, ds’s, dads, or any other guy friends they can question on my behalf?

My fiance says dark colors and nothing frilly lol:teehee: Hmm do you know his fave color?

Haven’t made them but found this one

I have thissaved but haven’t made them yet…KPChas some other choices too :thumbsup:

Thanks all… unfortunately I don’t know his favorite color, but he’s an ISU fan and I have some leftover red and gold. Haven’t decided whether I should make fingerless w/ flap, or just simple ones.
KPC has the unfortunate disadvantage in this case of having a few too many choices.

I think the pattern dustinac picked of the fingerless gloves with flaps would be perfect in the red and gold since he is a fan I think it would be just perfect!:wink: