Manly knitting tote?

Okay, so the 1st lesson didn’t go so well, but I’m determined that my DH can learn to knit. He really only wants to do the I-Cords for my bags, but I think when he gets the hang of it, he’ll want to do more. So far though, he’s mad because the needles I gave him to use are not “pointy enough” (and there’s no way he’s using my Denise’s, after the way he was tossing everything around). Now his main thing is, “I am NOT carrying a granny knitting bag”. I use a canvas tote from L.L. Bean, with all my little stuff (stitch markers, scissors, etc…) in a zippered makeup bag that my mom got for free at the Clarins counter. So my question is, what is a manly tote? What do all you male knitters use?

I’m not a man so I can’t be sure, but have you seen the bag in the new knitty issue? I think it is very “manly” and would be a great knitting bag. HERE it is.

OH, just give him a grocery store plastic bag… :rollseyes:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Or better yet, make THIS

That’s what I use!

I am planning on making that tote from the summer issue. That’s next on my TODO list.

You could look for a boy’s backpack in a camouflage pattern. Try LLBean. Or a camo messenger bag. Or maybe a brown paper sack with “Guy Stuff” written on it in Sharpie. :lol:

Maybe one of those big construction worker lunch boxes? You could put a skein in where the thermos would normally go!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

That is so totally a guy thing. We don’t need no stinking fancy bags!

I am SO glad my DH has no “bag testosterone”. In fact, he has carried a canvas bag to work for years. The guys at work call it his (“something that rhymes with bag, but starts with F”) Bag, a term I dont approve of, but DH doesnt care.

SO - I made him a bag for his BDay with a picture of one of our dogs ironed on to each side! OMG did he ever catch it for THAT! :roflhard:

But, honestly, its one of his prized possesions! He loves his pooches! :heart:

:roflhard: :roflhard: I love that your DH is secure enough in his manhood to carry his pooch bag!

I would like to make one for my DH, but he would NEVER carry it. He carries stuff to work in the ever popular plastic grocery bag :shock:

Well, he did say that he’d rather use a Wal-Mart bag then anything I use. I guess maybe he just will!! He has a backpack from LL Bean, but it’s kinda big, so maybe we’ll head down to LL Bean next weekend and he can pick something out. Thanks!!

I personally use a backpack…


Hmmm, not so much huh??? It does seem very environmentally conscious though…

Knitty Gritty has a recycled plastic bag tote too. I love this idea, but all my plastic bags are the same color. :frowning:

Well, it wouldn’t be as environmentally friendly and all, but what if there was somewhere to buy colored plastic bags??? I’d definitely be hooked in with that!

I say to the satchel from knitty in camo yarn…isn’t that very manly?!

Howsabout using a small Playmate size cooler? my DH had a small cooler he carried a bunch of stuff and no food. I started calling it his “purse” and he would get SOOOO mad :evil:
I would explain it has to be a purse, it has papers, receipts, his phone, wallet, medication, checkbook… he is just one tube of lipgloss away from a true purse! :roflhard: :roflhard:
Seriously though, perhaps a cooler would be a cool fairly waterproof manly tote. I love men that explore “non traditional” hobbies… very sexy!
DH really wants me to learn to fly RC planes. I am intrigued by his hobby but I don’t feel coordinated enough to fly something, though smallish, than could insure someone if it fell out of the sky. Besides, he just wants and excuse to spend money on parts and supplies and have another thing to build… sound familiar! :shock:

i have been meaning to post this but kept forgetting. i think the plaid ones are adorable but there izzzzzzzzzzzzzz a cammo one too if you are looking for something a bit more masculine…


one thing i would say is that i was about to order one and found that their shopping cart isn’t secure. i got an e-mail back from them that said that it was an upgrade that they are working on ( :shock: working on?!) and that i could call and order over the phone.

hrmmm…well i was just on their site and it worked…mebbe they are working on those upgrades NOW… :thinking:

hehe, funny you mention that, cuz that’s exactly what I use.

hehe, funny you mention that, cuz that’s exactly what I use.[/quote]

That’s MANLY? Oh, my, that’s what I use most of the time, too. Maybe if I get one from Victoria’s Secret. :thinking: