Mandala woes.. ;)

I’m a crochet noob, I just started yesterday (though I’m familiar with knitting and have made a scarf and a phone and earplugs case…) and I just bought a crafts mag with yarns and patterns with the cutest mandala pattern in it for a small, medium and large one (these things look even better in three’s!) that I so want to be able to make…
Anyway, it’s just hat the pattern isn’t really making much sense at the mo (this might be a bad sign considering I’m on the second row lol
’Make 6ch join with sl st to form a ring’- I have done this part no trouble but the next line I can’t figure out… it says:
'RND 1: 2ch (counts as 1tr), 11tr into ring, join with a sl st to second of first 2ch. 12 sts.'
Now, this is meant to be fairly easy, and is classed as intermediate, but I just can’t grasp what it means by a 2 chain counting as 1 treble stitch? I even wondered for a second if that meant for 1 treble I should build a big tower of 5 stitches (adding the 2 chain to the trebles required three lol)
Any help deciphering would be so great please?
Thanks in advance.

What you are doing is making a circle with the 6 chains.
Rnd 1: you are to Chain 2, and they are saying that the chain 2 will count as your first treble crochet…is this a UK pattern? I’m asking because I thought it should say 1 DC (double crochet.

Anyways, you are going to crochet 11 more Treble or Double Crochets, right into the ring.

Now you will join your stitches together with a slip stitch, into the second of the first 2 chains you did at the beginning of round 1.

Now you will have 12 stitches.

Hope this helps you…I haven’t been on this forum for a couple of years…been busy teaching both knitting and crochet.

Merry :innocent:[/SIZE]

Thank-you Merry! You are too kind for going into such detailed response.
In the end though, I followed a YouTube video by Happyberry and managed to instead make her pattern, which I am very happy with,:muah: and now from this know how to work the terminology! I even made 4 in different colours because they are so beautiful and easy to do. This was the first thing I did in crochet, I think. It takes a little patience and a few rewinds but it’s do-able even to someone completely new to crochet.
I can’t recommend Happyberry’s YouTube enough to any beginner or curious crafter who may be reading!
Also to anyone new I would highly recommend Mercerized Cotton as it’s so stringy and easy to see for beginners. I get mine from Woolwarehouse and it’s Drops brand of this size 4mm comes in lovely colours and only around £1 a ball.
Glad to hear your getting the word out and teaching Merry, I hope more people get into crochet doing things like mandalas, they make such cheerful decoration, and you can also use them as washable coasters!