Managed A Trip To Hobby Lobby Today

As I had a little time to kill this morning I wandered over to Hobby Lobby to see about finding a replacement for my long lost cable needle. I bought a package of three, one of which is about a size 8 and is perfect for the scarf I am working on as I am using size 8 for it.

I also accidentally bought a few skeins of yarn while I was there, one of which is the same as the scarf so I can make a matching hat.

I hate when I accidentally buy yarn. :shifty:

I also accidentally bought a few skeins of yarn while I was there

These things happen, I am sure you will recover:muah:
I don’t have Hobby lobby here, but Michael’s sometimes pulls me into it’s clutches. It’s right by Target. Darn people that figure out my 2 bad places to spend money put them right together:zombie:

Yeah, but these things happen. :thumbsup:

I think a few hours of knitting will set me right again. :mrgreen:

Just sounds so casual and relaxed…

(where as with my yarn store trips, they are wrought with vague promises of candy or McD’s in more of a blitzkrieg style…)

Hope you enjoy that accidental yarn! :guyknitting:

Yeah I know how those accidents happen. Honestly, I was only going to look at yarn for dd’s xmas and bday presents. I have know idea how $80 worth of yarn ended up in my hands. But since it obviously needed a home I brought it to mine. I think that may need more than a few hours of knitting to make it right again!
Boy do I miss Hobby Lobby!


Well, to try to make things right, I thought I would go to a nice estate sale. Poor woman died before she could knit all her yarn.:pout:I walked out $130 later with the friends of the lady saying I was her reincarnation. Maybe… who knows… (except that I’m 30 and she just died this year) of course not to make light of a fellow knitter passing, just thought it was cute

I had the same problem yesterday.

Strangely enough, the same thing happened to me today. On my way to a doctor’s appointment, I strangely wound up in a Michael’s. HOW did that happen? When I got home, there was wool for two projects in my hand. Is this a ‘missing time’ episode? Maybe Mulder can help me.

BTW, they were unpacking all the new yarn for fall/winter. Wonderful, and the prices better than at the LYS I had visited earlier.

I’m sure the woman who left the yarn would be thrilled that the person who ended up with it appreciates it.:thumbsup:

I would die again if someone inherited my yarn and ended up making crocheted toilet paper covers with it.:rofl:


We all must have that problem. :wink: We feel sorry for the yarn just sitting there alone. And we know if we buy it, our stash’s will give it a great home![/COLOR][/B]

My nearest Hobby Lobby (35 miles away) has all of their knitting needles and etc. for 50% off this week and I haven’t been able to go. WAH!

Poor,poor Mason having to suffer through buying yarn…LOL! Cant wait to see the hat…Sissy:woot:

I went to JoAnn’s yesterday to buy some replacement buttons for my dh’s jacket.
I was supposed to just run in and run out.
I had milk in the car. I got the buttons and went directly to the paltry yarn department (this is a small town JoAnn’s). They had their Sensations yarn (wool/cotton blend) on clearance for $1.97! Well, I had to buy it.
It would have been wrong to leave it there.
It looked so sad all squished together in a bottom bin covered in dust bunnies.
My good deed of the day… :wink:

Poor Maison! How will you cope with this accident? After a shock like that you need some comfort… go and by more yarn!

:noway: :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver] I’ll save you the problem…make me your beneficiary… [/COLOR][/SIZE]:shifty: :teehee: