MAN OH MAN !arg! Doin' the Circular Twist!

Geez. what is it. I try and I try and I try to BE REALLY CAREFUL… cast on to my new beautiful Addi circulars to make this skirt in the round,

check and check again to make sure it’s not twisted. (AND CHECK AGAIN) Looks good.
Start knitting. Knit for 3 days, like 16 rows on 178 stitches and then, there it is: IT’S TWISTED!

Why is this so difficult for me?
Ummm, just ripped it. I need a second person checker like a fact checker before I start knitting on it.

:pout: sorry to hear.

I make DH check things sometimes. Like if i count the wrong number after I cast on. “Here, honey. Count how many stitches are on here”

Arg! I can really empathize with you. I did the same thing this week. :wall: I’m making this scarf for my sis-in-law for her upcoming birthday. I completed several rows before I realized it was twisted. Grrrrr… :hair:

If you knit a couple of rows flat, it’s easier to join without twisting. You’ll just have to stitch up the little gap–better than ripping out.

Yes, and I think my pattern even suggested that, but I thought to myself, “I’ve never had a problem twisting my stitches before, so…” 8) Famous last words! :oops:


I’ve done that too. If I cast on > 40 stitches, I immediately run a contrasting color lifeline in the cast on row, making it easier to spot a twist.

BTW, I have advertised for a Twist Checker, but none of the applicants were really up to snuff.


I had knit several things in the round without twisting, and wondered why they made such a big deal out of it as I was joining another pattern. Of course, that was the one I twisted, and didn’t really notice for at least an inch. :grrr:

What a GREAT idea!!! I’ve twisted my stitches too after trying to be really careful, and I HATE that! :hair:

Renna, that scarf is ADORABLE!!!

So i cast on for a pair of socks yesterday and I realized 1/2 way through the first first row that i had twisted. Instead of ripping it out, i just untwisted it by flipping it over one end of my needle. I’m sure i ruined one stitch of my cast on, but I’m doing 2 socks on 2 circs and had just figured out the cast on. I REALLY didn’t want to do it over.

“advertised for a Twist Checker…” :rofl: That’s cute!

Ingrid, what a great idea. Superb really because it’s just too frustrating… and the little gap is easily stitched up when you’re done.
I think I’ll do that now when I cast on again. At least there was one good outcome in the story!!! I"m making that skirt I’ve always wanted to make from Vogue, and I decided I had to go with Extra Large (178 stitches) because that was for a 29 1/2" waist! ? (Vogue seems kindof whacko sometimes) So when I took it off the needles to rip it, I put it around my waist and it was way too big! ! ? I don’t know what they’re thinking
but now I know what size to go with anyhow.

Pretty scarf Renna!

Oh, Landolphe, does that really help, having the contrasting yarn in with the cast on? Interesting but I guess I’d have to see it to see it work.
You cast on with a contrasting color? Then pull it out later…