Man, I love this site!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Here I am working away on my first sweater and hit a snag… in the middle of the back of the darned thing so, what do I do?
I come here looking for someone to help me figure out what is wrong with this stupid pattern… &&%& (blush!)
So I start to type in the part of the pattern I’m having trouble with and there it is…
I can see it clearly now… It’s not the pattern; it’s the way I’m reading it! LOL!:aww:
Well, I feel that stupid… I just had to share…!:wink:
I was reading it… dec 1 st at each neck edge every 5 rows but what it was saying was… dec 1 st at each neck edge every row 5 times… Makes a big difference…
Pardon me while I go tink a few rows… groan!
:knitting: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]So that’s what I like about this site… it helps me see things clearly…
Thanks KH!

Yep, it is a great site. Glad ya figured out the problem

And great people too :slight_smile:

Ditto - it’s my favorite place to visit, whether I’m having problems or not!

And I think we’ve all done the same thing. A lot of times it’s the way we’re reading the pattern and not the pattern itself.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank goodness the sweater pieces are now knit… now I can start on something different… like blocking… LOL!
Yes… I totally agree… very nice people here!
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

Ah yes–blocking–the funnest part of any knitting project (not). As you might note, I don’t like doing blocking. But I still do it because the results make it totally worth it. :slight_smile: