Man Hobbies

Now that my dh and I have decided to spend less time on the computer he is driving me nuts. He’s bored, but all my hobby suggestions are nil. I figured you ladies (and dudes) could help me out. It has to be something relatively inexpensive, and small, that he can do while watching Monty Python. He already said no to knitting and fiber crafts, woodburning, whittling, and drawing/painting.

Any ideas?

My ex built little model cars… gotta paint them and put them together with glue… very manly… :stuck_out_tongue:

Could always go buy him an issue of “Make” magazine, that magazine is laced with ideas. Granted, some of them aren’t exactly cheap, but you might take a look anyway. And while you’re at it, you could also pick up a copy of “Craft” for yourself.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sounds like his hobby is the computer… :shrug:

Trying to convince someone else that not doing what they want to do is more fun than doing it has always been a Herculean task, IMO.

Imagine how you’d feel if you had to give up some of your knitting for _________________.


A hobby is something a person has to have a real interest in doing. It’s nearly impossible to find one for someone else.

Let’s see:?? . . . . . . . . . . . .burping. . . . . . . .scratching. . . . . . snoring on the couch. . . . . . . . that seems to be favorite things around my house.


scrapbooking? or making personalized gift papers/note papers (stamped or embossed?)

I brought up the model painting, and if we buy an airbrush he is up for it. :slight_smile: He used to make planes before the kiddo’s came , and painted pewter d&d figures. Now I need to find an airbrush.

The computer is not an acceptable hobby for either of us to spend much time at. We both agreed to that, I didn’t force it on him. We get sucked in and spend way too much time away from more worthwhile things. (In fact, my time is up when my kids worksheets are done printing!)

Thanks for the feedback!

My Dh’s hobbies when he’s home (about 2 days a month :frowning: ) are sleeping, eating, drinking beer while watching anything sports related or a western…

Those are some of my favorite hobbies too.

I was going to say Hockey, but then I realized it doesn’t meet any of those criteria.

Tonsil hockey? :whistle:

Not expensive? Bummer, I was going to suggest my dh’s hobby…r/c cars/planes. He and I have very high volume hobbies, yarn and plane parts… But maybe even doing regular model car assembling…painting, decals, etc…attention to detail etc?:thumbsup:

My husband has cycled through many hobbies over the years. Used to be reading, fixing cars, and maintaining aquariums. Now it’s biking-riding, training, buying, selling, restoring old ones, fixing all of ours and helping the neighbors with theirs and he has a personal crusade that everyone should bike-he’s in really good shape too. He also does computer stuff, but not much surfing or e mail, it’s tweaking and changing, and building and breaking and trying new things. About 2 years ago he decided to learn guitar. He has taken some lessons and bought a few guitars- that is a bit expensive but doesn’t have to be- good used ones can be found, and solid round of lessons can send a novice off to try things out on their own.

Except for the biking he has no intersest in sports, for me it’s great- no football, basketball, baseball. He does most of the grocery shopping and says the best time to go all year is during the super bowl! Which reminds me he likes to cook too, but used to be more into that than he is now.

So there you go cooking, music, something semi athletic, reading, or just learning about something new because it interests you- those are my best suggestions. What about gardening? Or home repair?- That has the great benefit of improving your house-it’s expense depends on the project.

how about beer brewing? The initial supplies can be a little costly, but it’s not that bad after that.

I did that for a few years. The best part is you get to drink the end result of your hobby :mrgreen:

Good point… with knitting it can be a bit dry…:ick: