Male vs Female Knitters

It was suggested I should create this into a poll…

Sorry, with the huge number of smart alecks in this group, I’m not adding other… lol

ekgheiy is gUrl! :mrgreen:

heheee -yeah, we’d get like 90% ‘other’ !

Anyone want to make a guess for the final male vs female percentage???
I say:
[size=7]7% Male[/size],
[size=7]90% Female[/size],
[size=7]3% other[/size].

well okay i just clicked in and saw the big ol’ letters and thought you were describing yourself. while i chuckled i still thought “sheeeeesh i am pretty sure he is more male that THAT!”

[color=orange][size=2]and of course i was wondering if i wanted to know what that 3% was![/size][/color] :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yes, I’m 100% male. I guess I should have made my entire post big… Sorry for the confusion… :shock:

I figured he was just getting in touch with his feminine side… :wink:

Well it’s official… we have exactly 40 knitters on here… (according to the poll)


ahem, 41, so far anyway.

I figured he was just getting in touch with his feminine side… ;)[/quote]

And I figured he was just getting in touch with YOUR feminine side!

:roflhard: You people are to funny

Gurl here :happydance:

Hey, when i was in highschool and we would look at the college handbooks to peruse where we wanted to go to school, the first thing we looked at was the girl to guy ratio! they actually listed the percentages! woo hoo! :happydance:

I have always preferred it when the odds are in my favor. See, Joel, he likes more of a challenge. With only 6 other guys to chose from, he really feels like a STUD!

I can’t help but notice there is only two choices. There are some folks out there who need another choice. CHeck out for more info

Oh, Femmy… :roflhard:

I considered that but with this group… we would have had all OTHER marked.


To keep this rated PG… im not even going to go down that road.

(WOD#3 is just trying to keep me humble.) :rollseyes: